Optimal health and performance at minimal environmental impact are of key importance for BioMar. BioMar EMEA has updated the source of mineral additives in all our feeds.

For the supply of the essential minerals, BioMar EMEA factories now utilize organic complexes with higher bioavailability instead of inorganic salts, in the formulation of all feeds.

Essential nutrients are nutrients required for normal physiological function. However, essential nutrients (minerals, vitamins, organic acids and amino acids) cannot be synthesized in the body and thus must be obtained from a dietary source.

Several essential minerals are of great importance for both the performance and the health status of the fish. Making the essential minerals more available for the fish increases the uptake. Furthermore, it improves the immune system of the fish and minimizes the environmental impact of fish farming. These factors are of key importance for BioMar.

Even within the category of organic-bound minerals, there are large variations between the different complexes. The most bioavailable and stable complexes are chelates of glycine. The glycine chelates have minimal interactions within the molecules in the gut and are actively transported through the gut wall to the cells. In the cell, the chelate is broken down and the mineral is available for metabolic utilization.

Several trials have shown that the proper use of organic-bound minerals will:

- Increase uptake and retention of the minerals

- Improve the mineral status of the individual

- Upgrade health status

- Increase performance

If you have more questions on this recent update, please contact your local sales representative.